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The Foyer



Awake and Empowered is a place for personal growth and empowerment.  The content of this blog is designed to help you get better connected with yourself and with others through emotional healing, positive socialization, inspiration, entertainment, and owning your own power.  The pages of this website have been designed to mirror the many rooms of a home.  To feel good in life we need to make a home within ourselves.  We must fill those rooms with love and life.  I hope that the content of this blog can assist you in filling those rooms of your home.


I hope that this section is self-explanatory in terms of its potential benefits.  This is where I have (and will continue to) compiled information, research, and personal opinions about psychological topics, self-care, and stress-management.  I will do my best to offset my own personal opinions with actual, researched facts.

The Den

Nothing great was ever accomplished without the proper inspiration.  I truly believe this.  For me, inspiration is derived from many things, two important ones being books and movies.  Personal healing and personal growth are often inspired by the stories of others.  Whether those stories are true or fictional is really of no consequence.  What matters is that they resonate with us; that they pluck a string in within us and make us begin to wonder, to dream.

The Kitchen

An important part of a healthy and happy life is a healthy and happy body.  In this section you will find my reviews of different recipes and food ideas as well as my two cents on various dieting trends.  You will see that not all of the recipes included here are healthy, that’s because I believe that, every now and again, we need to indulge – it builds more happiness.

The Backyard

Nature!  Wow, nature is a wonderful thing.  Talk about inspiring.  Talk about a way to find your centre.  Oh, and culture!  Travel!  What great ways to get back to your own roots and out of your own bubble at the same time.  In this section, I will share my own experiences and inspirations from my own adventures and travels.  Unfortunately, I’m unable to make as much time for these adventures as I would like, and find myself trapped in a concrete jungle a lot of the time.  Hopefully, the existence of this section of this blog will be enough to inspire me.

The Inner Room

The inner room is a place within your self – the soul, the spirit, the breath of life.  Whatever you may call it, becoming and remaining in contact with this part of yourself is essential to emotional and physical wellbeing.  This section is dedicated to helping you create and maintain this connection.

The Wallpaper

Every room needs a little decoration.  This section is dedicated to pictures, desktop, tablet and cell phone backgrounds you are free to use as inspiration in your day to day life.


I encourage you to draw your own conclusions about everything you read here.  Go out and research some more.  Test some of the theories and recipes you see here.  Read the books I’ve reviewed and see if you agree or disagree with my opinions.  Write to me!  Use the little comment boxes after each blog post to begin a conversation.  This isn’t about me telling you things or even teaching you things, it’s about getting you thinking.  Some of the best ideas in the world were created by multiple minds debating and sharing opinions.  Let’s work together!

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