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  • Headspace
    Self-Empowerment, Psychology, Self-Care, Stress Management
  • The Den
    Book and Documentary Reviews
  • The Kitchen
    Recipe Reviews and Health
  • The Backyard
    Nature, Hiking, and Exploring Our World


Well… welcome!  Thanks for visiting my blog.  I have created this space as much for myself as for anyone else reading it.  I hope that, for you, this can be a place of inspiration.  A place where you can find pieces of your own puzzle.  As you can see from the navigation list above, I have tried (and will continue trying) to fill this blog with all sorts of things to help you build and maintain a positive, peaceful, and rewarding life.  Feel free to explore, to comment, to disagree openly about anything you find on this blog, and to share your own opinions.  If you are going to comment, I just ask that you read the guidelines page – I promise it isn’t too restrictive.  Good luck on your journey!

I assume you have realized that the content seems to be all over the place.  I would like to incorporate a whole slew of topics and build more rooms in the house of this blog, but I would only be able to do so with some creative help from others willing to contribute content.  Currently, this blog is made up of four main sections which I believe begin to address the area of life that help us grow to be happy and healthy.

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